Saturday, October 25, 2008

the Ordination of a Deacon

Here's a quick photo-journal of my ordination on Thursday night.
The six ordinands, or "My six-pack" as our bishop has dubbed us, as we're processing into the Chapel clad solely in our white albs.
Standing before the bishop, seated in front of us, making our vows.
Prostrating ourselves before the altar as the Litany is prayed over us.
The bishop charges us with the responsibilities of our new ministry.
The bishop lays hands upon my head and prays, "Therefore, Father, through Jesus Christ your Son, give your Holy Spirit to Joel; fill him with grace and power, and make him a deacon in your Church."
I am then vested in a deacon's stole.
And then in a dalmatic.
The bishop then places a Bible upon my head and prays, "Receive this Bible as the sign of your authority to proclaim God’s Word and to assist in the ministration of his holy Sacraments."
We are then presented to the congregation as the six newest deacon's in Christ's Christ.
Here we are at the altar as the Eucharist is prepared.
Here we are processing out joyfully singing our Seminary Hymn, now clad in the stole and dalmatic of a deacon.
Our bishop with his "Six Pack" (and the two assisting priests and his chaplain in the back row).
The new deacon with his bishop, father-in-God, mentor, hero and friend.
Here's mancub helping Daddy clean-up after our reception. One of the jobs of a deacon, as outlined in the Acts of the Apostles, is to be a table server. Looks like the Mancub already has a handle on how to be a servant. Praise God!
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