Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Week in the Life of A Church Intern

So it's been a week and what have I been up to as a fresh out of my first year of seminary, summer intern in a local Parish?
So far I've preached at two mid-week services, attended a Staff Meeting, had mentoring sessions, assisted at a grave-side burial, been trained as a Subdeacon,
and spent the majority of my time learning how to work with some Church Administrative software and working on the creation of Christ Church's new website. It's been a great lens into what it takes to keep a parish running.
That said, much of my time is spent in the office doing the admin and website work.
Our family has been having fun. We found an awesome local seafood monger and last night the Missus made some awesome fresh steamed mussels and pasta...ahhhh the joys of New England, fun treats we can't get in the midwest. My son and I have been having bike races in the little circle drive in front of the house. He's become an expert at "leading me out" so I can "break away". So life is good. Until next post may you know the blessings of the Lord Jesus.
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