Thursday, June 28, 2007

My new Wardrobe

As a Postulant for Holy Orders whenever I am representing my Bishop, such as during my Summer Internship, I now wear clericals: i.e. a black shirt with a clerical collar. Funny how something as simple as clothing can affect you. Putting them on makes me realize that every single thing I do and say represents the Lord Jesus Christ. I need to think twice about yelling at someone who cut me off, eh? (Of course, I strive to have my behavior be the same whether I'm in clericals or my pajamas for that matter). And I realize that it's an incredible privilege to be able to represent Jesus and His Church and I give thanks for it.

Of course on one hand it makes getting dressed for my day easier, "Hmmm, should I wear the black today? Or the black today?" Seriously though seeing people's reactions has been interesting. Some people look upon someone dressed as a representative of the Church with respect, like the Indian woman at the store who addressed me with, "Good morning Sir, thank you Sir, have a good day Sir" and others with suspicion, like the parents at the clothing store who, when I walked into the area they were in, called to their children "Come here kids, please come over here right now!" with the unsaid message of "priests are child abusers so get away from that man". I can't say I blame them, the Church has failed in that area so miserably and I think that those who've abused the office of priesthood to hurt children have a special ring of Hell waiting for them. Then they're those who don't get that a guy wearing a collar is married. Sigh! Oh well.

As soon as people see you in your "uniform" you've immediately got expectations to live up to, dispel, or both. Hopefully I can be an example of a true follower of Jesus and dispel people's negative expectations and may the Lord strengthen me to live up to people's positive expectations.

I wonder how Clark Kent felt when he put on the ol' cape and blue tights? He had a lot to live up to I bet.
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