Tuesday, May 1, 2007

St. Thomas...the Tank Engine?

So my son and I are getting ready for bed and he's saying the names of everyone he wants to pray for. He runs through friends and family and then says, "Daddy...pray for Thomas". Since we don't know anyone named Thomas I ask, "Which Thomas is that?" "Thomas da Tank Engine Dad, and pray for Diesel 10 and Sir Topham Hat". Ummm...OK, priest-in-training...can you pray for a...a Tank Engine?! Better think fast Dad. I begin to pray, "Lord Jesus, we thank you for good stories like Thomas the Tank Engine; and we pray that we can learn to obey our Bosses just like Thomas obeys Sir Topham Hat, that Daddy will obey Bp. Ackerman and my Little Man will obey Daddy; and when we're bad like Diesel 10 please help us to obey and to say we're sorry. And Lord, help us to be Really Useful. Amen."
Much of this lingo may be unfamiliar but the goal of every Tank Engine is to hear Sir Topham Hat tell them they are a Really Useful Engine. A lot like Jesus saying "Well done, good and faithful servant."
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