Friday, January 11, 2008

Peru: Day 1

Greetings Family and Friends,
So after a long day of travel my comrades and I arrived safely in Lima. As I write this I’m sitting looking out the window and enjoying some homemade chicha-morada, a fruit drink made from cooking pineapple and blue corn then adding sugar and lemon. Last night we were warmly greeted by our hosts from the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd at the airport and taken to the five-room apartment my team and I are sharing. It was very foggy this morning and to our surprise, upon returning home from our day, we looked out the window to discover the beautiful view of the ocean in this picture. It's a little foggy but you can see a mountain and the ocean in the background (this photo doesn't do it justice).

Our day today started with Morning Prayer at the Cathedral followed by an official welcome presentation on the history and work of the Anglican Diocese of Peru.
(Here we are sitting in a choir stall as Fr. John gives us the history and vision of the Anglican Diocese of Peru. L to R: (front) Sven, Mark, Sandy, Ellora (back) Bill, Micah, Michael, me and Joe took the photo.)
The Lord has been, and is doing a mighty work here and the Diocese is growing faster than they can keep up with. The Cathedral is its own little walled community which includes the Church, a fellowship hall, library, diocesan offices and (I believe) some residences. (The Cathedral compound, the Churh is on the right and the fellowship hall is the brown doors on the left. I'm standing on stairs leading up to some offices. More offices are through the passageway.)
So after not using my Spanish in years I fared pretty well today talking to our new friends; Mariela, Fr. John and Marco; telling them about my family (mi hijo con pelo rojo y mi sposa qui studia nuovo testamente ala seminario) and where I’m from. Pictured are Mariela and Marcom seminaristas (seminarians) and lay ministers who will be our guides during the whole trip and Fr. John the Dean (priest & head pastor) of the Cathedral. I love the name seminarista, that's what's on our nametags here too...sounds cool huh? Like we should be wearing sombreros with gun belts crossed on our chests shouting "Viva Jesus!!! Y viva la Iglesia!"
(L to R: Me, Mariela, Fr. John and Marco.)

This afternoon we visited pre-Incan ruins that are just a few blocks from the Cathedral smack in the middle if the city. They date from 200 to 700 A.D.
Here are some photos of “American camels”, as our tour guide at the ruins called them, a.k.a. llamas. Guinea pigs are also very popular here in Peru…
...on the menu! They call them cuy (for the sound they make). We’re supposed to dine on cuy at some point while we're here. Should be...uh...interesting.

All that said, I feel so blessed and privileged to be here in Peru seeing the work God is doing. Thanks for your prayers and please continue to pray for my comrades and I. Gloria Dios!
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