Monday, October 29, 2007

A New Brother

A couple weeks ago I preached and concluded my sermon with an invitation for those who have never considered Jesus to say "Yes" to Him. Well, talking to Fr. Bill after the service I discovered there was one man in the congregation, Allan, who had been coming for a few weeks who was really searching for God. So I've been praying that my words would plant seeds of faith in his heart. Yesterday I ran into him at Church and and he shared with me that he felt like Fr. Bill and I were speaking directly to him in our sermons. And he shared that he desperately wanted to give his life to God at some point because of the peace he felt at Church. I replied, "Let's do it right now!" So right there in the hallway by the bathrooms we prayed together for him to repent of his sins give his life to Jesus. He immediately said that he wanted to be baptized! We shared this with Fr. Bill who gathereed myself and my schoolmate Fr. Daudi to all lay hands on Allan and pray for him again. Allan will be meeting with Fr. Bill this week to prepare for his upcoming baptism!
Please pray for this this new brother to be surrounded with godly encouragement, strength to persevere and tha he will fully receive the joy of his new life in Jesus!
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