Saturday, September 15, 2007

Church-planting Again!

"Just when the world thought it was safe not to go to Church... meet... the Church-i-nator!" Ok, ok...very dorky I'll admit. Frankly I couldn't find a picture to go with this post. Anyhow...
The Missus and I are passionate about Church-planting. It's foundational to our call to ministry and my call to the priesthood and we've had the privilege to be part of two in the past, Church of the Cross and Advent Anglican Chapel in Chicago.
We are tremendously blessed again to be a part of Light of Christ Anglican Fellowship in Kenosha. One of our priests, and a dear friend, from our home Church and his family are pastoring this Church and we were recently approved by Nashotah House to do our Field Education there. We're tremendously excited for this opportunity. It's wonderful to be worshipping with dear friends from our home parish and be on the front lines of God's Kingdom. If you're ever in Kenosha look us up.
Here are links to our friend's blog with photos of the Chapel and photos from Sunday worship .
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