Friday, November 21, 2008

Monks Rock!

We have to spend money. Therefore it behooves us to be intentional about where we spend it. If you have to buy coffee, for example, why not buy it from a Land of A Thousand Hills which gives 30% of its profits to Rwandan widows and orphans and is helping create a local economy? You need to buy ink and toner for your computer printer? Why not buy them from Cistercian monks who use proceeds to help fund all kinds of wonderful ministries?
Ta Da! Meet Lasermonks! They're cheaper than Officemax, and as I said, you're both helping support a community of men who have committed their lives to prayer and serving Jesus and helping fund good stuff.
You can click here for there website. So next time you need toner, remember...Lasermonks!
Another great monastery is St. Benedict's Abbey in Bartonville, IL. They're friends of mine and I've done some retreats there. As you prepare to do some Christmas shopping, check out their gift shop (click here). They're a great bunch of guys and I'm very to commend them to you (I highly recommend the fruit-cake-in-a-jar and the hot sauce).
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