Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas I'm not trying to promote capitalistic visions of holiday $hopping. But the fact is, one of the ways we remember God's most incredible gift in His Son Jesus Christ's coming to earth, is by giving gifts to one another for His birthday. That said, I've added some links for Christmas Gift Suggestions in the left side column of my blog. This is all stuff I truly believe in and support: Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, some of my favorite Children's Books (including a few Christmas-specific titles) and Monk E Gifts which I just discovered.
Land of a Thousand Hills is absolutely one of the finest coffees I know of (and I'm a total coffee snob) and they're helping rebuild Rwanda and support Christian ministry with 30% (!) of their sales.
Monk E Gifts is a one-stop resource where numerous monasteries from all over the country who have a specific trade can sell their items. They have tons of cool stuff. I especially think the Spa Gift Basketts are a really nice idea but they have all kinds of chocolates, fruit cakes, music, you name it. Check it out. Your purchases help support real Outposts of Faith and Prayer which are doing good work for Jesus in the world.
Finally, Kid's Books. I love good kids books. And I'm especially a big fan of the lives of Saints for kids. Who better to have as role models than godly "superheroes"? These are some of favorites that I love to share with my Mancub, neices & nephews, god-children and other wee friends. An especially wonderful Christmas book is the story of the real St. Nicholas.
As I've said recently, if we must spend money, why not spend it in places that are doing good work in the world? And while I don't know what kind of charitable work Amazon is doing, they do bless me with a small percentage of your purchases and for that I thank you.
May you enjoy a blessed Advent and and glorious celebration of the birth of the Savior!
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