Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Blog Title

So I've changed the title of my blog. We'll see if it sticks. The original title "Revelation 4" was taken from my love of this Chapter of the New Testament and how it shapes and informs my worship and my orientation to the world and to Christ's Church. Nonetheless, it's ambiguous. So much of where my heart is at is concerned with how to disengage from the distractions we all face as we live in modern, media-glutted, consumer, over-achieving, Suburban America. So what do I think we're distracted from? Christ. Glory. Family. Virtue. Tranquility. Celebration. Joy. Life. So often we settle for cheap imitations. Schmemann's quote in my previous blog has been resounding in my heart all day and so we'll try it on for size as the new title to this blog. Regardless, I pray my reflections in this blog encourage those who read it to truly gather life for eternity.
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