Monday, January 21, 2008

Peru: Day 10

Greetings Dear Friends,
For the sake of time I'll just post a few pictures and comments from yesterday. After the morning Eucharist we spent most of the day driving home on the bus so, while worship was wonderful, not too much to report.

One person I do want to tell you about is John (English names are very popular here, kind of sheik). He is a 17 year old young man from Arequippa which is south of Ica. A few months ago John came to Ica thinking he'd stay for a few days and after seeing the need there went home, got all his belongings and has been there ever since. One of John's primary ministries while we were there was leading musical worship. I was privileged to sit with him for a few minutes before each service to learn/rehearse songs. John would always ask us to pray for the service and the prayers that came from this young man were incredible. He has a depth of maturity and sense of urgency about his faith which I rarely find in people twice his age. He spends a lot of time in Ica working with the youth, doing physical plant type work and praying and leading worship. May God bless you John!

(John and I.)

Another great moment in Ica before we left Sunday was Bill having an opportunity to talk to a young man. This young man shared that he has recently come to faith in the Lord and is struggling to overcome many of the same things which Bill struggled with in his past. Bill was able to encourage him and tell him of the healing, transformation and victory he has found in Our Lord Jesus. To see the look of hope this young man's face after talking to Bill was wonderful.

(Bill sharing his testimony and godly encouragement while Sven translates.)

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