Sunday, October 21, 2007

Synod of the Holy Spirit and a Visit to St. Mark's

The Missus and I just returned from our Diocese's 130th Synod. As usual it was a wonderful reunion and homecoming of everyone from the Diocese. A highlight was seeing our dear friend and a mentor Fr. Mario Bergner, whom I had the privilege to do an internship with at Christ Church while we lived with his wonderful wife and kids. As always, I was blessed and inspired to be with my dear bishop and father-in-God, Bp. Ackerman. Our Synod Mass was a Votive of the Holy Spirit with a wonderful address by +Abbot Alberto, OSB from St. Benedict's Abbey with a closing exhortation for all of us to "lift our hands up to heaven" as he prayed for us to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
After Synod the Missus and made a visit to our sponsoring parish, St. Mark's and had a wonderful night of fellowship with Fr. Bill and Linda, followed by Sunday worship where I was the preacher. It was Visitor Sunday, where the members of Church invited a friend to attend, and I therefore felt I should give a presentation of the Gospel and so concluded my sermon with a bona fide altar call! As always our visits to St. Mark's are a blessings; Fr. Bill, Linda and the good people of there have become wonderful and dear friends and I am always blessed to see how they have the courage to be real, honest about who they are and committed to serving Our Lord Jesus Christ.
May God richly bless Bp. and Mrs. Ackerman, the Diocese of Quincy, Fr. Bill and Linda and St. Mark's abundantly!

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